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Bundling home and auto insurance is the practice of buying these two insurance policies from the same company. Many companies offer a discount when you buy multiple policies and the paperwork can sometimes be easier this way. People often ask us, “Should I bundle my home and auto insurance?” There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so let’s explore this more.

Consider bundling home and auto insurance.

Many insurance companies will offer you a discount if you choose to get your home and auto insurance bundled with them. These discounts can run anywhere from 10% to 25% of the policy premium, which can result in significant savings. In addition, you may be able to pay the premium for the policies together, which adds convenience. Even if you do have to pay separately, just dealing with one insurance carrier can save you time when your renewal rolls around.

Check the individual policy prices and coverages.

The discount and the convenience of having your home and auto insurance bundled can be very enticing, but if savings are what you’re after, this may not be the least expensive option. Additionally, some companies may only bundle certain policies, leaving you buying more coverage than you need simply to get the bundled rate. An independent insurance agent can help you comb through the details to find the policies that are right for you.

You can bundle auto insurance with renters insurance, too.

While home and auto insurance are commonly referred to together as an option to bundle, this doesn’t necessarily help someone who doesn’t own their home. If you have renters insurance (and you should), you may be able to bundle that policy with your auto policy as well.

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How to Save by Bundling Home and Auto Insurance


When it comes to home/auto policy bundling, consumers generally get a solid price break on home and auto insurance policies, but sometimes it can still pay to shop around.

Bundling auto and home insurance with the same company is one of the most cost-effective and common ways to save on insurance.

Bundling can save you money if you have both your auto and home insurance from the same company. However, it doesn’t always mean that you will get the best deal.

What are the advantages of bundling auto and home insurance?

Many insurance companies offer the ability to bundle multiple products together. Bundling auto and home insurance together can provide benefits such as:

You will save more. Multipolicy discounts can save you anywhere between 5% and 25% depending on where you live and the company.

Simpler policy management. A single company will make it easier to manage policies. If applicable, you will work with one agent and can usually manage both auto and home policies through the same portal.

Insurance security. Insurance security. Having multiple policies with the same company can lower your chances of getting dropped by your insurer if you have ever had to file an auto insurance claim or been ticketed.

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Bundles of auto and home insurance offered by your company

Bundling discounts are offered by many car insurance companies. However, the amount you save will depend on where you live and which company you have.

Below is a table listing the top 10 auto insurance companies based on market share. Many offer multi-policy discounts. Some companies are “Home Only” or “Auto Only” so discounts and companies may not be available in all states.

  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Amica
  • Arbella
  • Bristol West (via Farmers via Foremost Insurance)
  • Concord Group
  • CSAA Insurance Group
  • Esurance
  • Erie
  • Farmers
  • Foremost
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MAPFRE/Commerce
  • Mercury
  • Metlife
  • Norfolk & Dedham
  • Safeco
  • Safety
  • State Farm
  • National General
  • Nationwide
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Progressive
  • The General Insurance
  • The Hartford
  • Travelers
  • USAA
  • Vermont Mutual

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Do you need to bundle auto and home insurance?

Many companies offer multipolicy discounts on multiple policies, with different discounts. Bundling is not limited to auto and home insurance. In most cases, larger policies receive higher discounts (as an average percentage). Homeowners’ insurance discounts tend to be more attractive because homes are valued higher than cars.

Bundling is a good idea if you have expensive home insurance and low-cost auto insurance.

Auto coverage can be more costly if you have poor credit, tickets or are in an area with high auto insurance rates. In this case, the savings from choosing the cheapest car insurance company could dwarf a 20% discount on a bundled home policy.

Compare quotes from separate policies to determine if you should bundle your home and car insurance. You don’t have to buy them all together if you can find policies that are cheaper when combined with the same insurer.

Bundling policies can also increase your likelihood of staying with one company. Insurance companies often raise rates for renewing policies, but not enough to make you want to leave and find another company. This is known as price optimization and it can lead to higher premiums over time.

Tips for better bundling

These steps will help you get the best bang for your buck and avoid any complications when bundling auto and home insurance.

  • Compare prices for bundle policies from multiple insurers online. Or, speak with an agent. Independent agents can obtain prices from multiple companies. Agents who only sell to one company may be able to offer discounts for that insurer.
  • You should check for third parties. Ask the insurer if they use a third-party insurance company (sometimes called an associate) for either policy. Even though you might still save money, the convenience of not dealing with one company will be lost.
  • Compare quotes from different sources to find the best price for your auto and home policies.


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Questions frequently asked

Is there a downside to bundling auto and home insurance?

Bundling policies can usually get you a discount, but it also discourages price shopping, making it easier for your insurer to inch up rates until you’re overpaying.

Some “bundled” policies don’t actually come with one company. For example, auto insurers might set you up for home insurance with a partner company. This means that you no longer have the option to choose your insurer, but you can manage your bills from one location.

Do you think it is cheaper to bundle auto and home insurance?

It may not always be more affordable to bundle. If you have traffic violations, poor credit or live in a state with high insurance rates, it may actually be cheaper to shop for separate policies than to bundle them. Check out our guides for the best affordable car insurance and best cheap homeowners insurance.

Is it possible to combine renters and auto coverage?

Yes, many companies offer renters insurance bundles and more, including motorcycle insurance, condo insurance, flood insurance, boat insurance, umbrella insurance, and other personal lines insurance.

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